Just call me Roo...
Yes, like a Kangaroo

 My name is Raul but many know me as Paul, Ral, Rahul, Rayu, Ragu, Rooski and other funky names you can make out of Raul. I thought I would make it easy for everyone and introduce myself as Roo.
I am a graphic designer from Chicago with over 15 years of experience and a passion for design. 


I grew up drawing and creating in traditional art for myself and others for as long as I can remember. Photoshop became my first love in 2001 and it was down the Adobe rabbit hole from there.


Need assistance with your social media presence?


Branding need a little guidance?


In need of marketing gear like business cards and t-shirts?


Not sure? Just ask! There are no bad questions!


I love bringing your ideas to life and communicating your story.

I can work with your team to help drive your business plan or I can bring my dedicated team to help build your business. Let's get in touch and chat about what I can do for you.  

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Roo 2018
"Classy" Headshot
Rare Smile Headshot
Dat Fro
Big Hair - Don't Care
Roo Bear